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Boys' Life is the premiere magazine for kids, tweens, and teens with active and exciting lifestyles, featuring award winning editorial, pictorials, comics, fiction and buying guides. We have been the leader of youth culture for over 100 years, reaching youth through a variety of platforms including the magazine,, social media, webcasting and live events.

We are the ONLY youth publication which publishes two distinct demographic editions: A younger edition (ages 6-11) and an older edition (ages 12-17). This allows advertisers to target their message and content.

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At the Boys' Life Tradin' Post, readers and their parents turn to our one-stop shopping section to find great gifts for every occasion! The Schools & Camps section advertises various camps, academies, and destinations for groups, families and individuals. More than 10 different companies have been consistently advertising in the Boys' Life Tradin' Post for well over 20 years each – so you know that with loyalty like that, advertising in the Boys' Life Tradin' Post is a tried and true path for success! In addition, EVERY product or service is Boys' Life reviewed and approved and our dedicated readers know that if it is advertised in Boys' Life, it must be great!

Award-winning provides an interactive and lasting experience for boys ages 6-17. All of the latest content from Boys' Life magazine is jam-packed into a one-stop site – updated daily with contests, videos, games, lifestyle tips and beyond. The easy-to-navigate layout allows users to learn something new with every click and deepen their engagement with the info they crave!


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