Digital Advertising Spec Sheet is thrilled to provide engaging digital advertising options! Our awesome site visitors are sure to have an unforgettable brand experience when you advertise with one of these eye-catching, interactive units. We’ve even created live examples for your review to find the unit that is right for you. The possibilities are endless!

Below is a list with specification requirements for each option. Simply click on the ad type to see it in action! You can contact your sales representative at 1-877-929-LIFE (5433) for further information about how they can be customized specifically for your brand.

Ad Type Dimensions and Description File Size Limit Animation Time Limit
Banner 728px X 90px, available above the header on all pages 40kb 15 secs.
Wide Skyscraper 300px X 600px, available on the home page in the right column. 40kb 15 secs.
Medium Rectangle 300px X 250px, available in the right column of all inside pages. 40kb 15 secs.
Social Media Posts Running a contest or promotion with us? Let us know - we'll call it out on our Twitter and Facebook Pages! 40kb --
*Expandable Banner Viewers interact with multiple panels of your ad in ONE simple click, roll-over or auto-initiation. 40kb 15 secs.
*Floater "Floats" over accross the web page content on a transparent background - great for engaging our youthful viewers! 40kb 15 secs.
*Games Page Wrapper Wrap one of Boys' Life custom games with your logo and/or graphics! 40kb 15 secs.
*Homepage Hotlist 200px X 148px, be a part of this homepage reel, which will link to your website with one click. 40kb 15 secs.
*Merry-Go-Round Allows users to engage with multiple products in one digital unit. 40kb 15 secs.
*Peelback A fun way to grab user's attention! Ad begins in one corner of the site. Upon clicking, the ad tears down to reveal a full page interactive ad. 40kb 15 secs.
*Skinning/Sponsorship Have your logo as the wallpaper on one, or several webpages on our site! 40kb 15 secs.
*Video Extender Allows viewers to play with the size and shape of the video ads in realtime. 40kb 15 secs.

*Premium Customizable Digital Opportunities